Sunday, April 20

The Anthem

Happy Easter everyone!
Just wanted to share one of my favorite worship songs -- even better, performed by the amazing singers at my church. It goes up until the 3:25 mark. It's scratchy. It's live. It's loud. It's powerful. This song is everything Easter is about.

You have won the victory
You have won it all for me

Death could not hold you down
You are the risen king
Seated in majesty
You are the risen king

Wednesday, April 16

CeraVe products -- LOVE!

I've shared a little bit about this product before but I have to rave one more time. Last time. Promise. I was having some problems with my skin -- long story short, my dermatologist recommended CeraVe products. Never heard of it, but what the heck... I gave it a whirl.

These are the ONLY CeraVe products that I have tried so I can't vouch for ALL of them. So far though I have absolutely no complaints. Here is the breakdown for each one...
Moisturizing Lotion: Light and plain. Good for all over the body, even the face.
Facial Moisturizing Lotion: This is what I use specifically for my face every morning. I know it says PM but I use it in the AM. The AM lotion has sunscreen in it so it's slightly greasy.
Moisturizing Cream: This I use in the dry months! Here in Colorado... that's often. It's thick and creamy and makes me feel super moisturized.
Eye Repair Cream: I just started this about 2 weeks ago and I'm enjoying it! It makes my under eyes feel hydrated. I use this in the AM & PM.
Hydrating Cleanser: This is what helped my face the most! I can no longer use face wash with dyes and fragrances in it so this is excellent. No odor, no color. It makes my face feel super soft.

Monday, April 14

Pinterest -- total successes!

There are a lot of hits and misses on Pinterest -- especially in the recipe zone. Because I don't want to bash anyone or any recipe, I'll share the recipes I've actually tried and LOVE.

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos
This recipe, found here, is one of our FAVORITES! It's super easy to make and it's loved by all. We skip the almonds and follow the recipe to a T. We actually use them with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. So yum...
Stuffed Cabbage
Me & my husband LOVE cabbage so it was no surprise we LOVED this recipe, found here. We half the recipe and it's perfect for us 2, plus a teeny bit extra. We also use elk burger instead of beef because there is little to no grease left over.
Marinated Cheese
What!? I know y'all... It sounds so weird. But it's so good! Recipe found here. We skip the pimiento. We serve ours with Ritz crackers. Perfect to take to parties.
Chocolate Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting
How does something this heavenly even exist? It's a favorite of mine and my girl Emily. We make it almost every big get together. It's simple and seriously scrum-dilly-umptious! Recipe here.
Raspberry Beer Cocktail
This drink is the bomb! So refreshing, so girly and so easy to make! There is the recipe right there. I'm day dreaming of this cocktail on hot summer days in Texas. I've doubled this recipe and put it in a decanter for a party. Perfect!
And there you have it! Some of my favorite recipes I've found on Pinterest. Please, share yours! We all pin a million recipes but I genuinely want to know what you think about it and what you'd change!

Tuesday, April 8

Easter basket goodies!

1. A head band is perfect for Easter, preferably florals or something but I'm swooning over this olive green one from Baby Jules Boutique.
2. Easter shoes -- yahoo! Loving these Roxy sandals. Classy and casual.
3. This bunny dress up kit from Land of Nod would be a HIT with any kid.
4. This stuff is thee COOLEST. Myla is obsessed with Mr. Bubble Foam.
5. Myla would adore this cross necklace. After all, it's what Easter is ALL about.

6. Every girl needs an Easter dress and I'm loving this one from Nordstrom.

7. Tangled Tantrum detangle spray. Best. Stuff. Ever.

We don't let Myla have very much candy so I needed some alternatives for Easter basket goodies. All these items are great price, great quality and perfect for Easter baskets. Your kids will love them just as much as you do. Our Easter is going to so fun this year and I can't wait to share the deets with you! Now hop along and get going on those baskets!
{Hop... see what I did there?}

Saturday, April 5

Saturday steals!

Wowza... I found some STEALS today. Click the links to take you straight to the deals.
I LOVE this make up primer. And it's 50% off TODAY ONLY!
Click HERE for the deal.
Magazine Subscriptions for CHEAP!
{TONS of magazines to choose from}
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JCrew is doing an additional 40%-50% off sale items!
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Happy shopping y'all!

Friday, April 4

Easter heroin.

What is it about these dang
Cadbury Eggs that make them
I could eat them all day.
Every day. Anyone else?
Keep Calm and Hop On print c/o The Educated Owl

Wednesday, April 2

5 REAL reasons being married rocks!

1. Never Saying Bye: I'm sure y'all have seen that quote on Pinterest that says: "Being married is like having a slumber party with your best friend every night." AMEN! Kind of. We don't paint each others toes or talk about boys or anything but we do binge out on junk food and laugh until we cry. But seriously... I LOVE not ever having to say goodbye to my husband. Like, when we were dating -- we'd only see each other on the weekends or he would drop me off at home after a date. I don't miss that AT ALL. I love having him with me, always.
2. Not Being Single: Do y'all remember how frustrating dating could be? I sound like I wasn't married until I was 35 but you know what I mean! -- Awkward moments, not-what-I-was-expecting, calling him last weeks guys' name -- oh yeah. You know! I'm happy with not ever having another first kiss. I'm happy with my in laws. I'm happy with my choice. Oh, and I can go days without a bra or make up and BAM! Still married.
3. Sex: Let's be honest... it's a HUGE part of being married. It was God intended, it makes beautiful little babies, it burns calories and it's fun! It's one of the few win-win situations in a marriage.
4. Job Description: I'm all for career women and college degrees and all that educational stuff BUT I love the fact that I get to stay home with my daughter and our future children. All thanks to my smart, sexy, well educated husband. Mama-hood is by far the hardest job BUT also the most rewarding and I love that I get to do it.
5. Name Change: Getting a new name was so fun! I whole heartedly believe now that I am married I belong to my husband and he belongs to me. My husband is my home. Sharing a last name is the first of a million things we will share during the duration of our marriage. Up next, our first house! I can't wait to share that with him... Well -- not the closet. That's mine (this is one of those NOT win-win situations).
Pin it. You know you want to!

Sunday, March 30

Our love shack update!

Our realtor rocks! She is our eyes and ears in Texas while we are still here in Colorado. We received this picture message last week along with about 8 more pictures. OUR HOME! It's coming along a lot quicker than we expected so this was a pleasant surprise. This is our house half way framed. It's like my baby. I could just stare at it all day...

Wednesday, March 26

Baptism Sunday at Red Rocks Church.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@whitneyjeski) -- you know that I was baptized a few weeks ago. I attend Red Rocks Church here in Golden, Colorado. It's a non-denominational Christian church and is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. It is BY FAR the #1 thing I am saddened to leave behind once we move to Texas. I'm devastated really. From the hilariously real pastors to the AMAZING live worship music -- I'm going to miss this place more than I could describe. To say this church has been a huge blessing in my life would be a huge understatement. I owe everything to this church. I'm so glad they do live online services and podcasts. I have no doubt I will continue to listen once I've moved.
Here is the Baptism 2014 recap video! I personally am not in it. I'm 1 of almost 900 people who got baptized that day, so I'm not surprised and I'm completely OK with that. To say I got to be a part of such an incredible experience is enough for me. The tears, the emotion, the smiles -- it's all real and it was one of the most amazing days in my life. I hope you enjoy! PS: The girl singing, that's just a snippet of the live worship music I get to enjoy every Sunday. Absolutely beautiful!
Matthew 28: 19-20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Mark 16: 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.


Tuesday, March 25

Poop themed toys... WHAT??

Seriously you guys... WHAT IS UP WITH TOYS THESE DAYS!?!
In the last week I've seen commercials for ALL 3 of these "toys".
I don't understand them. I don't get them. I don't see the point.
They really gross me out... like really. PLEASE tell me you or
anyone you know has NOT bought one of these. Please.
I can't believe I'm doing a blog post about this...